Relax kids classes are unique and independent from any other. their easy to follow 7 step award winning approach to mindfulness is backed by neuroscience and lots of fun. These classes offer extensive benefits to not only children but the whole family. We offer support to parents, care givers and teachers by educating and providing real life methods to improve children's well-being and overall happiness. By teaching children tools now to better deal with stress, problem solve and calm their minds we equip them with a better chance of happiness and success as adults. 

Relax kids include the following activities 

Dynamic warm ups and exercises

Mindful games

Relaxing stretches

Calming breathing exercises

Soothing self massage

Positive affirmations

Creative visualisations


Relax kids supports mental health

Stills, calms and clears the mind

Sharpens concentration and focus

Improves memory retention

Reduces stress and tension

Increases positive thinking

Stimulates imagination and creativity

Relax kids supports emotional well-being

Develops self confidence

Promotes positivity and self esteem

Increases emotional literacy

Builds emotional resilience

Provides tools to cope with stress and anxiety

Increases happiness and optimism

Relax kids supports physical health

Develops body awareness, flexibility and relaxes muscles

Decreases physical tension, releases endorphins and calms the nervous system

Boosts energy levels, circulation, the immune system and improves sleep


  • Cooking 

  • Life skills

  • journalling 

  • relaxed conversation

  • activities 

  • team building games

  • consent/boundaries

  • heath and hygiene


COORAN ( starts January 2020)

Mondays @ 9am (3-6yo)

4pm (13-17yo Girls)

Tuesdays @ 3:30pm (6-12yo)

Wednesday 9;30am (13-17yo Girls)

4pm (13-17yo BOYS)

 Cost $70 (for 6 weeks) discounts for multiple students. 

BUDERIM (starts 17th March 2020)

Tuesdays at 3:30pm (6-12 yo) 

Cost $70 for (6 week block) Discounts apply for multiple siblings Book on form below


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Chill and Chat 

08th of March 2020

9am - 11am 

@ The Sangha room Cooran

30 King st, Cooran 


(booking can be done online at the link below or by TEXT/PHONE 0490224156 


Book Now for Classes 

0467 273 592

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