Neuro-Holistic Redirectional Therapy

A unique approach to happy living

Neuro-Holistic Redirectional Therapy is a method established By Danielle Sargeantson From Danique Living - A mindful journey. The method was derived by Danielle's combined experience and study both academically and personally. Danielle has had a personal passion for neuroscience for the majority of her life. 8 years ago, Danielle commenced personally studying all she could  in the way of neuro science attending numerous seminars with highly credited neuro scientists and neuro psychologists from around the world. In Danielle's second year of studying psychology Danielle identified gaps in psychology treatment areas such as with trauma and abuse clients that were affecting the long term success of these clients. This information was stemmed by her personal experience with abuse and trauma as well as by case studies done on other trauma and abuse victims. When Danielle left her psychology degree behind she sort for a different method with more flexibility to be able to use her studies and personal findings of neuroscience, her academic experience with psychology and her counselling experience she had from younger years to help those with past trauma and abuse. Neuro-holistic guidance was established this method is very different to any counselling session you have been too.  Danielle takes her clients back to when they were babies. Establishes what long term patterns her clients have developed unconciously. She uses various techniques to assist clients in creating new positive neural pathways and breaking old patterning. Included in her therapy is mindfulness practices, anxiety relieving techniques and re conditioning exercises. Danielle has been practising neuro-holistic guidance for 5 years with much success. Many clients have turned their lives around with out regression.Many of those clients had used psychologist and counsellors before seeing Danielle for Neuro-holistic guidance with no success. This therapy is best suited to past trauma and abuse clients, those with anxiety and depression. Those with weight issues related to stress. Danielle continues to study and research as new research evolves.

Creative Neuro for Kids 

Children can carry big emotions navigating those emotions can be a difficult task at the best of times. When children are faced with quite big events such as separation, grief, abuse or physical violence.These can impact their whole life if they are not given the tools to work through them. 

We encourage children to express them selves through creation and play. We also help children to explore mindfulness techniques that are creative and play based. We take an all inclusive family approach to achieve the best possible outcomes with children under going Our creative neuro for kids programme . 

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