Community Kids Club


The Community Kids club has been running for the last 2 years with many successful holiday programmes and events. The community kids club has run purely by gold coin donation and the contributed funds of Danique Living. The initiative aims to bring families together and provide wholesome activities drug and alcohol free for the children and youth of our community. This year we are aiming to expand the community kids club so we may offer more events for our community such as Movie nights, Spray Art projects for teenagers, Youth camps, children adventure camps, music circles, family days and more. We are looking at seeking funds to make this happen. We need a team of dedicated community members willing to get on board with this venture and make it happen for our community please contact us if you are interested in helping our community's kids club. It takes a community to raise a child. lets pull together and make this happen for the youth of the hinterland. 

Our holiday program happens every holidays for 1 or 2 weeks each day we run 1 or 2 activities per day. Each activity is run by community members for the community. We all volunteer our time for the cause and seek to make it a fun and positive event each and every time. We encourage children to be children have fun play and feel confident in doing so. We encourage team work, friendship, positive communication and support throughout all our activities. We encourage parents to join in on the fun, play with their children and make new friends in the community themselves. We accept donations in the way of money or contribution but every little bit helps to keep this programme running. 

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0467 273 592

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