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A mindful living's unique method is changing lives 

Each person child and adult holds a power within ready to be unlocked... We each have a story to share and something to offer. Our potential is just yet to come out. The base of every beings growth lies in their willingness to want to grow, to find gratitude for their journey and to develop unconditional love. 

A mindful journey is one that encourages sharing, connection, growth, unconditional love, unconditional giving, gratitude and self empowerment. We invite others to join us on our journey and hope to bring joy to others journeys along the way.

A mindful journey is a movement to evoke change one life at a time. A mindful journey is powered by people not by money and we aim to encourage others to live rich and fulfilling lives not limited by the realms of money also.

"Money can be endless as long as our energy stays in our hearts and in others" D. Sargeantson

A mindful journey is a Dhamma based business providing non sectarian services to the whole of the sunshine coast and skype based services Australia wide. To see more about our business structure and learn about our Pay what you can afford services please visit "Pay what you can " Page. We offer workshops for parents, children, women, schools and much more as well as host workshops for other facilitators at our Sangha room. We are also currently the only Relax kids franchise on the sunshine coast. offering neuro based mindfulness classes for children, parents, teachers and schools. Please head to our Relax kids page for further details on classes near you or to register your interest in holding a class at your venue.

A mindful journey is home to NHRT therapy, a therapy created by Danielle Sargeantson to help those suffering from trauma and abuse get back on track and live happy healthy lives. Since NHRT's conception Danielle has been able to help many people not only suffering from trauma and abuse but long term sufferers of depression and anxiety to live happily. Danielle's Therapy is unique and works with the science of the brain, its workings and patterns that have been laid consciously and unconsciously in the mind's development. These patterns spill into our day to day life however can be diverted quite easily with a few small and simple practices. NHRT is one of A mindful journeys pay what you can afford services so it is completely accessible to every budget. 


We encourage our clients to be apart of A mindful journey, help in our space and contribute to the community as part of their development. This is completely optional and completely an individual choice that is not expected in anyway.


"Through giving we grow and develop our unconditional love. this unconditional love has the power to heal the toughest of wounds" D.Sargeantson

A mindful journey was born from Danique Living into an organic element of its own with the strength to heal, nurture and guide simply through its acceptance, connection, encouragement and support. We look forward to sharing A mindful journey with you.  Much metta Danni xo 

Marcus Aurelius

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

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